WE Architectural Tank is a dynamic architectural firm that aims to redefine the boundaries of architectural design.

The team of the firm has rich experience, having participated in numerous architectural and design projects of whether large, medium, and small scale. Led
by Elias Megkos and Nikolaos Theodorou, the firm seeks to establish a new perspective in the field of architecture

Each project undertaken to be completed, is studied, designed and executed with
due respect to the owner and its final recipient. The firm’s unwavering commitment to aesthetics and its deep understanding of human sensations and psychology guides it in creating captivating spaces.

With particular emphasis on functionality, tranquility, and uniqueness offered, it is expected to establish a new era of architecture in Greece and beyond. The vision of the firm is to create spaces where holistic atmospheres and architectural details that captivate the human senses are experienced.

The architectural firm of WE Architectural Tank invites you to participate in a realm where design surpasses the limits, aesthetics is in harmony with functionality, and the created spaces enliven the essence of individuality and serenity.

"Quality is found in all aspects of functionality, design, materiality and construction."